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This blog is primarily cake-recipe based, but, from time to time, I will include some savoury ones too. I also like to write about my travels and encounters, especially if they involve great food. I speak as I find. Opinions expressed are my own, and not sponsored, requested, or paid for by others, unless specifically stated.

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Thursday 18 August 2011

Part 3 - Eastern Seaboard Bar and Grill

So, Part 3, dinner at the Eastern Seaboard Bar and Grill was next, an informal dinner and a fitting end to a wonderful visit.  As I was driving that night, I took our beautifully boxed gifts and placed them, lovingly, in the boot/trunk of the car, and sent Babs on ahead to get us a seat at the Bloggers table. 

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  1. Brilliant pics and love the post - sounds like a fab visit. I am most envious that you have places like this on your doorstep :)

  2. Thank you. It really is a lovely idea. Just casual dining, but done beautifully. You will have to come & visit sometime ;)

  3. You have a bloggers outing? To such a lovely restaurant with such gorgeous food? I'm jealous!!
    looks fab :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. Well, V, if you are ever passing this way, I will gladly show you around. Thanks for your comment :)