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This blog is primarily cake-recipe based, but, from time to time, I will include some savoury ones too. I also like to write about my travels and encounters, especially if they involve great food. I speak as I find. Opinions expressed are my own, and not sponsored, requested, or paid for by others, unless specifically stated.

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Monday 27 June 2011

Our "Trip to Tipp!"

Cloughjordan House
We decided (ok, I decided!) that we should head to Tipperary to check out the Food Festival to be held in Cloughjordan.  Hosted by the Sarah Baker Cookery School, and held in the grounds of Cloughjordan House, it proved to be worth the visit.  To put everything that happened into writing would take a lot longer than we have time for here.  So, the following is a snapshot (or a few, even) of our time spent in Tipperary.

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  1. You, madam, have made me homesick!

  2. Hi Thanks for your comment. Sorry about making you homesick. It was a great weekend.

  3. Aren't Margaret and Alfie wonderful hosts? I was down with them last year and spent a lovely day on their farm.